With a firm belief in a philosophy of conscious innovation, Amare decides to repurpose first quality waste materials and launches Yachting Made Pan, its ultimate green project.

Yachting Made Pan stems from the reuse of some of the high-quality waste from the production of components for the world’s most famous and luxurious yachts.

All the cookware line is made of pure, highly hygienic materials that do not release toxic substances.


Made of pure AISI316L

The cooking plates are made of pure AISI316L stainless steel, one of the highest food- grade materials: it is a synonym of purity, resistance and hygiene. The thickness of the plates allows a uniform and gradual heating of the plate, ideal for all types of cooking.Every Yachting Made Pan plate is completed by lids in glass and stainless steel, with a serigraphy that can be customised. The glass is laminated with interlayer to guarantee hygiene and maximum resistance, as it is needed on luxury yachts.

The high-standard manufacturing of the glass components is also guaranteed by more than twenty years of experience of Amare in the industry.

The Yachting Made Pan range consists of three models to cater to all cooking needs.


The plates are available in three diameters: 200, 250 and 300 millimeters, same as the Infinity porthole range – product that has made Amare Group a leader in Europe thanks to its smart and essential design.

The high-level craftsmanship and the extraordinary control of the production process allows for customization of the plates down to the smallest detail, in order to adapt to all needs and tastes while fully respecting the environment.

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